What is LimeFX Forex Broker

LimeFX Forex broker was founded in 2008 but wwas only registered in 2013 in the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its main office is located in Great Britain. This company started to gain popularity in the European market in 2015 and eventually became available to Russian traders. LimeFX became famous in the trading community because it offers the best trading conditions for professional traders. This broker is also a fully-regulated U.S. exchange. 

LimeFX provides trading to a wide variety of Forex assets including world currencies, stocks, binary options, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Its charting capabilities were extremely beneficial for options traders. It also offers all essential trading tools for analyzing other trading assets. 

In this LimeFX review, we’re going to discuss some of its trading conditions such as financial conditions, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is LimeFX Forex Broker

LimeFX Review

LimeFX gives its clients the ability to trade binaries and spreads on stock catalogs, Forex markets, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and macroeconomic events like the Fed rate. LimeFX’s ECN spread is zero and it is transparent when it comes to trading commissions.

Trading hours start at 6:00 PM Eastern Time of the previous day. It opens overnight until 5:00 PM every Monday to Thursday and 4:15 PM every Friday. LimeFX Forex broker stops trading from 5:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern Time for service exchange.

The cash funds of LimeFX’s clients are kept in separate bank accounts with Harris Bank and Fifth Third Bank. LimeFX’s operating funds were held in different banks to avoid confusion.  

This brokerage meets all requirements necessary for terms of privacy, electronics, physical and technical safeguards. The LimeFX Forex broker was created to exceed the industry standards especially in keeping its clients’ personal information.

There are basic guides for equities and fixed revenue instruments that are obtainable on its website. All LimeFX’s products, markets, trading platforms, and price structures are clearly defined on its website. Its FAQ page was mainly used to answer some questions about accounts, deposits, withdrawals, trading procedures, and platforms.

LimeFX has a registered single web page desktop environment. Its trading platform could run on any personal computer or Mac desktop with a modern web browser and Internet connection. Traders could have streaming data on multiple gadgets at the same time. 

Clients could test the platform to see its feature through a free demo account that starts with a virtual balance of $25,000 worth of digital assets. A client could open an account and fund it by using a debit card, bank transfer, paper check, or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

LimeFX Customer Reviews

In August 2018, LimeFX said that it would no longer support binary options on Apple devices and Android applications.

“As you may have heard, unregulated binary basket shops forced the hands of tech giants Apple and Google to ban binary options trading apps … Despite our best efforts, we were forced to remove binary options from our iOS and Android apps in October [2017] and May [2018], respectively, despite being a US-based exchange regulated by the CFTC,” LimeFX’s chief executive officer said.

Since then, a lot of negative LimeFX customer reviews started to appear online. 

“What can I say about this broker … It performs its main function. Yes, there are few tools here, but you will definitely find basic strategies and gadgets for work. At first it was risky to trust, because I had not encountered the company before. As a result, they offered a demo account so that I would not risk my money right away.”

  • Sergei (June 9, 2020 8:11 PM)

“At first it seemed to me that Lime FX was a good broker, the managers inspired trust. I made a deposit, passed verification. Then I decided to check the withdrawal of funds – no report, no greetings. Managers no longer answer calls – they don’t need me. I do not know what to do.”

  • Albert (April 23, 2020 4:11 PM)

“They also called me and convinced me that this is a very good income and not difficult, I replenished my account with 500 and made deals. Everything went well, the profit increased.”

  • Elega (August 25, 2020 2:13 AM)

“For two weeks now, they have not wanted to see my complaint that their platform, for some reason, completed an additional candlestick on the daily with the chart, and I immediately went into negative territory. Moreover, the stop loss did not work.”

  • Kirill Yurchenko (4 months ago) 

“A much more serious problem here is the speed of execution of transactions. This is space! I tried to work at the mini depot, then everything was terribly slow. I thought that it was all due to the fact that deals are not brought to the market. in fact they are crumbs. I switched to another account and work with $ 800 starting – one garbage. Everything is creepy and dull and they simply do not allow to work in normal mode!”

  • Shepelev Igor (5 months ago) 

What is LimeFX Forex Broker

LimeFX Scam

LimeFX is a Forex broker company that has legal work plans and strategies. It involves attracting Forex traders to its platform to raise them. Some reviews on the Internet say that this broker was involved in different fraudulent activities. The company was often tagged as “LimeFX scam” and had gained a bad reputation for traders.

LimeFX was designated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). It is an organization that defines the market for contracts and derivatives clearing. CFTC is a U.S. government agency whose mission is to “promote honesty, transparency, competitiveness, and financially sound markets,” “avoid systemic risk,” and “protect market users and their funds, consumers, and the public from fraud, manipulation, and abuse. In relation to results and other products covered by the Commodity Exchanges Act.”