Is PRTrend a Legit Broker? A Detailed Review

Trading involves risks and losses, yet it’s worth trying, given the potential revenue. Traders prefer different approaches and strategies. One person thinks it’s more beneficial to trade by using available indicators and tools. Others prefer augmenting their strategies by working with brokers or buying popular trading robots.

Using broker services does seem to have more advantages, especially when not yet having required trading skills. PRTrend is a brokerage company with access to Forex trading. The broker claims to offer guidance to traders with or without experience to make better trades and improve their success rate.

Just like any other brokerage company, PRTrend has mixed reviews. To figure out what concerns average PRTrend users, check out the article. Learn why it’s beneficial to work with PRTrend and what it offers.

Is PRTrend a Legit Broker? A Detailed Review

What is PRTrend?

Despite PRTrend reviews claiming the website was founded only recently, the official information states that the company was established back in 2013. This brokerage company provides traders with valuable tools and market insights for successful trading.

The company’s headquarters are located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The fact that the company is headquartered in the Marshall Islands makes users hesitant to use PowerTrend’s services. But the company explains it doesn’t affect the performance in any way.

On the positive side, the platform provides traders with powerful tools to understand the market. For example, the website offers easy-to-read charts that indicate when and why a trader should enter the market.

Traders may also choose from 3 types of platforms to enter trades. For instance, downloading and installing xCritical provides traders with more than 200 financial indicators and a Stop Loss tool that automatically sells assets if the price goes below a set limit.

PRTrend Tools for Traders

Take a look at the PRTrend official site. It has a clear structure enabling traders to learn more about the brokerage company’s services. The company’s primary goal is to provide traders with a technological environment for a positive trading experience.

To create this technologically advanced environment, PRTrend provides users with the following tools:

  • Trading platforms to build accounts.
  • Indexes and indicators to read and interpret market signals.
  • Training programs, including tutorials, articles, webinars.
  • Promotional programs to give a boost at the start of the trading process.
  • Reports and analysis of assets that are worthy of investment.
  • Different account types for every budget with useful tools and apps.
  • Easy-to-read charts combined with indicators for trend forecasting.

To enter trades, the company offers the following platforms:

  • xCritical.
  • MetaTrader 4.
  • MetaTrader 5.

All platforms are available on Android and iOS devices. Depending on the platform you choose, you get different tools. For example, PRTrend recommends using xCritical since it has the biggest set of financial tools. But MetaTrader 4 & 5 also have advantages.

For example, MetaTrader 4 provides users with trading robots. A trading robot uses a set of indicators to detect and interpret the market’s signals 24/7. If an asset’s price decreases, the robot will invest depending on a set limit. The trader can set up the robot by choosing limits, types of assets to invest, etc.

MetaTrader 5 provides traders with technical analysis tools. The platform also guides users on building a successful strategy by providing relevant insights to the market. But beginners can start using this platform to copy successful trading strategies. It’s a common strategy that guarantees small but decent revenue.

PRTrend Membership

Depending on the membership, the PRTrend broker gets access to different perks. The minimum deposit to unlock access to the platform is $500. But users can also choose from the following accounts.

Standard account

The Standard account requires a minimum balance of $5.000 to start trading. Investing in this account opens more possibilities when compared to making a minimum deposit. For example, the trader gets free access to chosen platforms and to all useful tools.

The Standard PRTrend account also includes perks as online chat with support, reducing waiting for the answer. A trader also unlocks all indexes and indicators. The Autochartist (website’s financial market analysis tool) provides traders with more details.

Gold account

This type of membership requires a balance of $10.000 or more. The Gold account has all the benefits of the previous option but with more opportunities. For example, access to SMS signals and a VIP manager.

Traders still have access to an online chat, but they get faster responses and better services when contacting their VIP managers. The list of bonuses also includes an individual direct telephone line and special promotions not available to the Standard account holders.

Platinum account

This type of PRTrend account unlocks all benefits of using the platform. The account opens access to one-on-one trading help and personal reports on the stock market. The only potential disadvantage of this option is its price. The account’s minimum balance is $35.000, but the revenue is much better.

PRTrend Reviews

The PRTtrend reviews on websites are mixed. Some users claim the brokerage company supplies them with the necessary information that positively affects their revenue. They value tools such as trading robots and insightful charts. But some reviews are negative and claim that the company is a scam. So, who is right?

As mentioned before, one of the main concerns is that the PRTrend company is registered on the Marshall Islands. But the company explains that the Marshall Islands guarantee better privacy for shareholders and managers of the company. Offshore registration is common among businesses and has nothing to do with provided services.

Some users complain that the minimum balance set by PRTrend is too high. But compare $500 (minimum fee on PRTrend) to a minimum balance of $2000 to enter Forex. To enter trades, one must make a deposit.

Some complaints include Standard, Gold, and Platinum memberships as the reason why they don’t want to use PRTrend services. In reality, users can only consider the minimum fee.

Traders aren’t forced to buy any of these mentioned memberships. But if a trader chooses to invest more, even a Standard account is sufficient. The Standard membership supplies traders with valuable insight and efficient financial tools. Yes, Gold and Platinum accounts have more benefits, but it’s not required to buy any of these accounts.

As for the positive reviews, users praise the following:

  • Easy to use. Most reviewers were satisfied with provided charts and indicators. Trading without the help of a broker often leads to losses when not understanding when to exit or enter trades on time. But PRTrend’s tools recommend what actions to take. That’s why it’s easy to start trading.
  • The support system. Some reviews reveal that the support team is still willing to help even when paying a minimum fee. Support never ignores user requests.
  • Promotional programs. It’s hardly possible to find a brokerage company enabling demo accounts that display how their platform works. Every user is encouraged to participate in a trial program to learn how to trade in real-time on real markets.
  • Training and tutorials. Quite a lot of reviews mention PRTrend’s training program. The program includes webinars held by experienced traders. Those who want to start trading immediately can check out tutorials. In tutorial videos, users receive easy-to-understand instructions on how to enter or exit markets, read signals, do technical analysis, etc.

Every product, company, service always has negative and positive reviews. You should be on alert when there are no reviews at all. In that case, the company can be a scam. But when it’s clear that provided services help traders accomplish their goals, it’s most likely the broker is legit.

How to Start Using PRTrend Services

To start trading, click on the registration button in the upper right corner of the official website. The system asks for the following detail:

  • First and last name.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Password.

Don’t forget to confirm the password in the confirmation field. Then click on the “I am 18 years old” and “I accept the terms of the agreement” options. Then confirm the account creation.

The PRTrend website shows legal documents alongside the application form on the right side of the screen. Before you create an account or make a deposit, read these documents.

The next step is to make a deposit with a minimum fee of $500. The platform supports Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill. Choose any payment method to make a deposit.

Depending on the account, traders get access to limited sets of tools. Suppose traders choose to pay only the minimum fee. In that case, they get only basic services such as technical analysis tools, access to charts, comparison of asset’s price to the previous close, etc.

Is PRTrend a Legit Broker? A Detailed Review

Is Working with PRTrend Worth It?

One of the reasons many traders choose to work with PRTrend is access to powerful analytical tools. Experienced brokers already have working strategies, but beginners need guidance and support. PRTrend creates a support system with all valuable tools for trading.

Most experts recommend studying the brokerage company before choosing their services. Consider visiting the official PRTrend website to learn more about the company. Some materials from the website can be useful for beginners. The website has excellent reviews and ratings on the Play Market and the Apple Store.

Final Thoughts

For some people, trading sounds like an exciting job, but they are intimidated by the risks. One of the reasons traders are so successful is the risks they take. Learning when to take risks takes some time. Eventually, a trader develops their own strategy and feels more confident when trading.

That’s why it’s important to use the services of experienced brokerage companies. Despite mixed reviews, the company keeps getting loyal customers thanks to a wide set of tools and a powerful support system.

PRTrend is a brokerage company that implements innovative technologies to make the technical analysis as accurate as possible. Thanks to these technologies, traders with or without experience make optimal decisions to gain profit. The PRTrend is interested in their clients’ success since they also profit from successful trades.