Tokenexus Review

Tokenexus, otherwise listed as Odem House Ltd is an online exchange that focuses primarily on the cryptocurrency market. Being fairly new to the industry, the exchange provides its client base with trading services for over 20 cryptocurrencies in its listings 

It works in cooperation with several top-tier banks, liquidity providers, , and large-scale companies such as Shapeshift, keeping its customers up to date with data from over 50 online exchanges, providing competitive trading conditions with its own proprietary platform.

In addition the exchange is said to offer some of the best prices, as well as a secure trading environment that allows its client base to organically build a portfolio in a favorable way. 

However, like most online exchanges, Tokenexus has seen its fair share of shaking off negative reputation from its customer reviews.

Therefore, in this Tokenexus review, we will delve further into the online exchange’s claims, features, and offerings in order to see if this broker does what it advertises and if it is a safe bet signing up for.

Tokenexus Review

Tokenexus Customer Reviews

While still relatively new, it still must be noted that it is rather odd that there does not seem to be any Tokenexus customer reviews available online. Even after a looking deep through the pages of any search engines, you would be hard-pressed to find a Tokenexus review. Of course, this can come off as suspicious for any trader with enough experience and may avoid the broker altogether. However, the following are taken from the exchange’s official website, and cites anonymous client (probably out of privacy and non-disclosure agreements), so it would be beneficial to take the following with a grain of salt.

“I registered on this crypto exchange just a week ago. The registration procedure does not take much time. Now I am testing various cryptocurrencies, and for the time being, I am happy with the course that is being offered here. As an experienced trader, I want to note the convenience and simplicity of the interface of Tokenexus. In the near future, I’m definitely planning to trade precisely here, as for me the speed of operations is optimal. I was also pleased by the fact that all the coins I trade are also here!” – Anon

“Since now, many crypto exchanges are very prone to situations with scammers, and I am completely satisfied with the level of security at this crypto-exchange. I hope that the Tokenexus crypto exchange will continue to provide its customers with such a high level of service and the best course values for the most accessible coins. At the very beginning, I am delighted with the level of fees that this crypto exchange takes for trading operations. Due to this fact, my results are very successful.” – Anon

Tokenexus Scammers

As mentioned previously, with the lack of any sites providing us with any Tokenexus customer reviews, it can lead to many who have heard of it to relate it to a scam of sorts. Of course, as it is a stretch to accuse the possibility of Tokenexus scammers removing negative feedback to hide their trails, we will look into the exchange in a fair light before we can prove so otherwise.

Tokenexus: Services and Offerings

It is important to note in this Tokenexus review that most of the online exchange’s offerings listed here may not be available to those residing in certain countries due to legal restrictions.

• Trading Instruments

While Tokenexus keeps its priority on trading Bitcoin (BTC), it also allows its customers to trade with over 20 other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, BXY, NRG, and much, much more. However, most cryptocurrency payments are only supported with Bitcoin and Ethereum.  

• Bonuses and Promotions

Tokenexus often offers a variety of bonuses and promotions such as a signup bonus for first-timers, and extra credits for referring a friend or family member. However, as they are always changing their offers, it is best to check their official website, for updated information.

• Trading Platform

The online exchange uses its own platform known as the Tokenexus Crypto Exchange that offers, which incorporates the MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform by MetaQuotes. The MT4 trading platform is one of the most popular trading platforms out there for its easy-to-use interface, lightning-fast execution time, and its flexible customizability. In addition, the MT4 platform features real-time market quotes and over 80 in-built technical indicators, charting tools, and automated trading options.

It can be accessed through the web, or downloaded for desktop. It is also available in the app store for Android and iOS smart devices. 

• Payment Options

Payment options include credit/debit cards, and bank wire transfers. Deposits are usually processed within the same day, though it could take more if requests are done outside of business hours. Bank transfers usually take around five business days to process, while some options can take more. 

There are no fees for deposits; however, bank processing fees may apply depending on which service has been chosen. Online payment services may charge additional fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Payment options also include third-party online services such as Paypal. Furthermore, payments and withdrawals can be made with other digital wallets online.

It must be noted that clients residing in the European Union, withdrawals with Euro as the base currency will have to make the transaction via SEPA.

However, most of the details listed above may often be subject to change. Therefore, for updated information, please look into the broker’s official website.

In addition, Tthe exchange does feature its own crypto wallet service, however, at the time of writing this Tokenexus review, the service is yet to be launched.

Tokenexus Review

 Tokenexus: Conclusion

Tokenexus still looks like it has a long way ahead to become successful. It’s true that it only entered the scene less than a decade ago, so if it takes the right steps, the exchange can be on the course to the emergence of a highly competent and profitable venture. 

However, after reviewing everything for this Tokenexus review, it still has to take that road. And even then, it may seem like more effort must be put in. The lack of any positive or negative Tokenexus reviews can have the others assume the exchange as a non-legitimate company as well. 

Speaking of legitimacy, unfortunately Tokenexus does not seem to have any evidence of being regulated by any authoritative figure in the financial industry such as CySEC or ASIC. This can be a big turn-off for more experienced traders who have heard of other fraudulent companies that do not practice industry standards.

Other than that, Tokenexus’ offerings can be rather limited, though their services can be decent as well with above-average trading conditions.