Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

Choosing a broker is a challenge these days. Their number is so large that it is impossible to decide. They offer a range of services, financial products, tools and capabilities. However, it is worth knowing what to pay special attention to and what to follow, so as not to fall victim to scammers. LexaTrade is one of the most robust brokers, so it's worth taking a closer look at its business. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

LexaTrade – customer reviews and experiences

Traders looking for a good broker often look at online forums. There you can find a lot of information and comments about platforms and intermediaries, including an opinion about LexaTrader. The warning against LexaTrade is a cause for concern, especially among novice investors. Unfortunately, it often happens that negative entries do not agree with the truth. They are usually provided by people who are unable to manage risk and their finances. They quickly lose money because they make the wrong decisions and mishandling transactions. This is how erroneous reports are born. 

LexaTrade has been around since 2018 and is really just beginning to build its reputation and credibility. It belongs to the Swiss group Swisstone Group Ltd, which offers an offer addressed to Polish, British, Spanish and German customers. The broker gives you the opportunity to invest in various financial instruments, including currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, securities and many others. It is distinguished by a great professionalism and individual approach to the client. LexaTrade has never received penalties from the KNF and has not been included in the blacklist of rogue brokers.

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

Advantages and disadvantages of LexaTrade broker – login to the platform

If you want to start your adventure with a LexaTrade broker, you must go through the account registration and verification process. The whole thing is done quite smoothly. All you need to do is fill out a form where you can provide details such as your name, address, phone number and email number. The next step is to verify your identity, i.e. you need to include a scan of your ID card or passport. This is the only way you can get full access to all the services tools offered by LexaTrade. 

The service will certainly appeal to both beginners and more advanced investors. The broker has taken care of interesting technological solutions, it also offers a friendly mobile application. The main advantages of LexaTrade include:

  • Professional support of consultants and financial analysts, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Fast and hassle-free withdrawals 
  • Support for Payments24, Visa and MasterCard
  • Highly developed platform, offer advanced tools for analysis and trading

LexaTrade offers 5 account types, depending on the skills and expectations of investors. The most basic account is ideal for users who are just taking their first steps in the investment market. Other proposals are an offer addressed to traders who count on professional trading tools, the possibility of in-depth analysis, access to statist and proven information from the world of finance. One of the most interesting options here is also the possibility of consulting and analyzing your account with financial analyst LexaTrade. 

Investors who trust this broker also appreciate the extensive database of statistics, which is constantly updated and advanced trading calculator. More options and a full description of the offer, together with the rules and rules of operation of the broker can be found on the website We also warn you about entities impersonating a broker. LexaTrade Agricole is a completely independent company with nothing to do with LexaTrade. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

LexaTrade – withdrawals and commissions 

The Broker does not charge any fees for payments made, applies a bonus system, bonuses and clearly determines all rates for individual services. Customers can benefit from bonuses for new users' commands, and interesting time bonuses are also available. The minimum withdrawal value is $50, or equivalent in euros, gold or pound. The broker gives you the opportunity to invest in both less and more predictable financial instruments.

Keep in mind that every investment, regardless of the choice of broker, is fraught with a reassua of money loss. Fortunately, LexaTrade provides investors with a number of interesting training materials, webinars, tutorials, sample strategies and many other help. This is especially important for novice traders. Consultants working at LexaTrade are a group of professionals, supervising safety, willing to help and give good advice. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

Is it worth trading with LexaTrade?

Given the customer feedback and the lexaTrade operating system, it can be concluded that it is a trustworthy broker. The high professionalism, availability and a wide range of services makes the company attract more and more satisfied customers. Spreads start at 0.5 pips here. There are no fees for payments, but there are some service charges. Users who do not show any activity for a period of 90 days are required to pay 5% of the balance for each subsequent month. The broker also charges the same amount for not making at least 4 trades per month. 

It should also be noted that LexaTrade is not involved in the process of placing orders or quoting. It is merely an intermediary between clients and the investment market. The main instruments here are primarily:

  • Actions
  • Bonds
  • Forex market
  • Raw materials

Transactions are carried out here within the framework of ECN technology. Leverage can be as high as 1:300, but you should always take every precaution when investing. The broker is not responsible for the decisions made by traders, so it is worth to invest wisely and wisely in any markets.