Is Pepperstone a Brokerage We Can Really Rely On?

Preliminary data gathered surrounding the brokerage firm, Pepperstone are mostly positive; most of such are attributed to competitive pricing and secured trading conditions through the regulation of multiple financial authorities. Given these, it can easily be assumed that Pepperstone is a reliable brokerage firm. As this is the case, the purpose of this review may be questioned. Simply, this brokerage review is created to walk interested parties through the offers and services available to Pepperstone’s clients.


This review is a result of months examining all of Pepperstone’s offers and services. The review team had performed a comprehensive review of the firm’s capabilities so as to render a pointed and well-informed assessment so as to help its readers make a decision on whether they should enlist with the firm or not. 


To serve the cause, the following aspects of the brokerage had been looked into closely:


  1. The regulatory bodies that sanction all Pepperstone’s trading operations
  2. The trading instruments accessible through the firm
  3. The trading accounts available to the firm’s clients
  4. The trading platforms that are being offered by Pepperstone 
  5. The fees the firm’s clients are charged with for the usage of its services

About Pepperstone


Established back in 2010, Pepperstone is a brokerage firm that focuses on the trading of Foreign Currency alongside other assets. 


Pepperstone is headquartered in the United Kingdom, hence being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Given its operations in Australia, the firm is also being looked after by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 


Much like other brokerage companies, Pepperstone does not possess the license to cater to traders residing within the United States. 


Pepperstone had pegged it business with aim of providing low-cost offerings, multiple choices of trading platforms, and various account types that cater to the specific needs of its clientele.

Offers and Services


Accessible Trading Instruments


As already declared, Pepperstone specializes in trading Foreign Currency Pairs. While it is its flagship service Forex instruments are not the only assets that it trades. Pepperstone also provides access to other markets like the Commodities, Indices, Metals, Shares, and Cryptocurrencies markets. With these assets, clients are privy to a total of 180 trading instruments. 



Pepperstone clients can access Major, Minor, and Exotic currency pairs. The leverage offered for these assets may go as high as 500:1 and is highly-flexible.


Index CFDs

Pepperstone allows for the trade of 14 major stocks from the international market. Clients do not have to deal with a desk and are completely free from commissions. The leverage offered by the firm for this asset is up to 200:1.


Share CFDs

While Pepperstone does not serve traders from the United States, the firm does give its clients access to a total of 60 companies within the U.S. considered to be top tier. The market caps for these companies are at $30 Trillion as of writing. The leverage offered to these are at 20:1.



Pepperstone offers goods like coffee, cocoa, and sugar. The firm also offers the precious metals, gold, silver, and platinum.


Currency Index CFDs

Pepperstone trades the value of a currency against a basket of other fiat currencies. The firm also offers USDX, seen by the trading community to be a popular benchmark for the U.S. Dollar.


Available Trading Accounts and Fees Charged


The Standard Account and the Razor Account are the only trading accounts that the firm offers. 


Through the Standard Account, traders would be able to receive the minimum of 1 pip for Foreign Currency Spreads without any commissions. On the other hand, the Razor Account, has its minimum Forex pairs from 0 pips which comes with commissions.


An average spread of 0.13 pips for the EUR/USD currency pair are being offered by Pepperstone. A total of 1.13 pips is the average spread for the Standard Account. Clients involved in a €100,000 trade are given 0.13 pips with a commission of €5.23.


Upon the opening of an account, a client is only asked for 200 units of the base currency. Placing funds within a trader’s account could be administered through Visa, MasterCard, POLi, Bank Transfer, BPay, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Union Pay.


Depending on the positions, Swap Fees may also be charged. 


All in all, Pepperstone is seen by the review team to be competent in pricing with consideration to the fee structures that other brokerages have within the industry. 


Trade with Pepperstone Today!


With well-known regulatory bodies sanctioning all of Pepperstone’s trading activities and a number of profitable offers provided to its clients, performing transactions through the firm might prove to be a good idea. In addition, the firm is a viable brokerage in light of the following:


  1. The range of trading instruments accessible through Pepperstone 
  2. The trading accounts available to the firm’s clients 
  3. The competitive fees that the firm charges for its services


In general, Pepperstone lays the foundation for highly lucrative trades and the building of sturdy trading portfolios.