Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

Insignificant and ‘low impact’ price movements and market updates are monitored and capitalized on by day traders. That is why day trading strategies are of high importance for day traders as well. A trader must embrace the technical approach to the market and be familiar with tons of charts and other trading tools to speculate […]

Top 10 Books about Forex

While it’s true that everything you will or would want to grasp is instantly obtainable to you on-line, some might argue that books have perpetually been a go-to for anyone to expand their knowledge on numerous topics. When it involves Forex traders of any caliber, it may be troublesome to search out accurate descriptions and […]
In Trading Rationalizing Your Mistakes is a Fool’s Game

In Trading, Rationalizing Your Mistakes is a Fool’s Game

Let us state it directly: In trading, just like any other discipline, you will make mistakes. To accept that you had made one, will make it easier for you to move forward. To dignify it, make rationalizations to make yourself feel better, is counterproductive. For instance, you had engaged in a trade, late–as you had […]
Strategies to use in forex day trading

Strategies to Use in Forex Day Trading

Forex attracts more traders with its ever-growing popularity. One of the reasons that many traders like to trade in the Forex market is because it requires the least amount of capital to trade. Trading happens 24 hours a day, five days a week and offers huge probable profits due to leverage provided by trading platforms. […]